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Bank closure will affect the people of Royton

Kirkham Legal are sad to note the closure of the Royton branch of the Yorkshire Bank, following on from the demise of other banks in the recent past, leaving just one Bank in the town.

“This will have an impact on the clients of those banks, as many will have appointed the Bank as the Executor of the Will, which is a service the Bank may no longer be able to carry out”, says Adele Hallam. “So it would be advisable for such clients now to review the terms of their old Wills and amend them if necessary, because if they do not they may find that upon their death, they do not have an Executor in place, and this would lead to extra work (and expense) in getting the Bank to renounce probate and for a different Executor to be appointed”.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to review your will, as if the will still meets your needs then we will not charge you. We also hold wills on behalf of our clients at no cost, so if you wish to store your will with us then please ask.

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