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Your Local Elderly Client Advisors

Here at Kirkham Legal we pride ourselves on our friendly, sympathetic and client-focused approach, particularly when dealing with issues that arise with our older, or elderly, clients.

“Older clients often need someone they can trust to discuss personal matters with, sometimes at a very difficult time in their life, for example, when they have just lost a loved one, and we like to think that we provide such a service”, says Adele Hallam, of our Private Client department.

“We are receptive to client needs, and if it makes someone more at ease, we are happy to make home visits, and also hospital or care home visits should a client find themselves temporarily or even permanently inconvenienced”, adds Adele, “and when discussing legal matters with clients we will ensure that our advice is clearly given and understood, and that the cost of the same is carefully explained.  People are often put off from seeing a lawyer to put their affairs into order simply on the basis of not knowing what the cost will be, but we are more than happy to provide fixed quotes for work, and to stand by those quotes.  We find this helps clients to make important decisions and, if need be, to budget for the same”.

We regularly give advice on the preparation of wills, and if you have already got a will we are quite happy to look at the same for you, free of charge, to see if it still meets with your requirements.  We do suggest to our clients that they dust off their wills every 3 years or so, just to see if anything has changed and therefore needs updating. 

“We advise all of our clients, irrespective of their personal circumstances and the amount of their assets, to prepare an upto date will, so as to ensure that their wishes will be followed, and for their peace of mind that this provides”, says Adele, “and we also advise that everyone should give serious consideration to the preparation of a Lasting Power of Attorney, to see if it is relevant to their own circumstances, as if one is in place it not only avoids future problems in the event that you lose capacity to look after your own affairs, but again gives you considerable peace of mind that you have provision in place.  There are 2 types of Attorney, namely Health and Welfare, and Financial and Property, and we often find that the family of an elderly client is re-assured that such protection in place, as it is often they who have to sort out any issues that arise if their loved one experiences problems in the future”.

If you wish to consider drawing up a Lasting Power of Attorney, feel free to contact us for an initial free-of-charge chat, so as to give you all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision.

We are also very experienced in dealing with estates when a person has died, from simple cases where a Grant of Probate is needed simply to be able to deal with a property, to the more complicated estates involving Inheritance Tax issues, numerous assets and many beneficiaries.  Again, we are quite happy to have an initial meeting with you to discuss the issues, and to give an indication of the likely costs involved.

If any of the above are relevant to you then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 393 2299, or to call into our Royton office for a chat.

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